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Many doctors and nurses seek to engage more with colleagues in their profession and field of work and build a community of like-minded people with whom they can spend time with, live with, and travel with. BC Roy Housing Project Pvt Ltd welcomes doctors, nurses, and all other healthcare professionals who are at the front lines. We are delighted to provide you with the appropriate real estate and housing solutions.

Who we are

  • Who We Are

    We at BC Roy Housing Project Pvt Ltd believe that this is an untapped market. One which not many investors and partners are looking into, and we also believe that housing for professionals is extremely valuable and crucial to the community. We have thus established ourselves with a focus on housing needs for doctors and other health care professionals like nurses and caregivers.

    We understand that you need to dedicate a lot of time to patient care and learning any necessary clinical skills for your field, and so we take away the task of finding real estate and housing that is exactly what you need, where you need it, and when you need it.

    BC Roy Housing also understands the essentiality of good housing. We believe in quality providing as best. With how inflation affects the cost of housing and properties, we want to provide a platform where a community of intellectuals in the same profession come together and plan their housing needs as a unit.

    Through our company, we are willing to provide dedicated chat rooms to healthcare professionals in order to help them discuss important details of housing, such as market trends, the best locations, budgets, and more.

    As time goes on, and the more we evolve as a company, we would like to include even more professions like engineers, chartered accountants, teachers, lawyers, and so on.

  • Why Choose Us?

    We very firmly believe that stable and affordable housing is the baseline for a happier, more peaceful life for healthcare professionals.

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    Our collection is highly diversified, and it comprises a wide range of property and real estate designs that our in-house staff has selected. We provide houses that feel like home, which is something every doctor and nurse seeks refuge in after a long day of work in the hospital. Our well-designed interiors bring in comfort and ease into the lives of these professionals, making it as inviting of a home as possible.

    We also understand that social responsibility is paramount to any business. As doctors, we have aligned our goals with those of the other healthcare service providers and their needs and demands in accord with housing.

Director and Founder

Dr. Kalyan Vijay Kumar, MBBS, MS (General Surgery), FIAGES, Abdominal Organ Transplant Fellow, IKDRC - ITS, Ahmedabad.

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    ASI.Regd No: FL 35601

    IMA.Regd No: AP 20111 /74/ 138/ 205269/ 2015-16L.

    IAGES NO : 7502

    ACRSI NO : 1769

    AMASI NO : 9918

    IHPBA : 792

    LTSI : 2021/390

    ISOT :LM1483

    ABSI: FL000788


Mrs. Manjusha Adigopula

  • Manjusha BTech Civil Engineer having 8 yrs of experience in construction industry. Started my career in an MNC company named L&T construction as Quality engineer and ended my career in that company as Asst Quality Manager which allowed me to work in massive projects like Hyderabad Metro rail, AIIMS Mangalagiri and Wipro Hyderabad.

    Coming to the project Hyderabad Metro Rail joined as Graduate Engineer Trainee it is like a world class experience to for me as it is a very big prestigious project costing around 20,000 crores. That project made me learn so many new things for 6 years in Stations and Depots. My second project was AIIMS Mangalagiri a renowned Govt. hospital chain in India. It is a different project for me after 6 yrs as it is a hospital building project it was a quite good experience too for one year. My third project was Wipro related to IT sector which are high rise buildings of about G+10 floors. Worked for 1 year in this project.

    This might not be a vast experience in construction. But We established this company for all health care professionals and get benefited from this by group housing.

  • Our Mission

    We aim to develop and maintain innovative housing for healthcare front liners, regenerate communities, and improve the quality of life for these hard-working individuals. As one of the area's most active builders and administrators of affordable housing for healthcare service providers today, we're hoping to pave the way for many more organizations.

    We know that medical professionals do go out of their way to provide care to their patients, and so, our purpose is to provide outstanding residential experiences through compassion, consistency, and honesty, while continually innovating and putting doctors first. This is something we think about in all we do and in every customer experience we provide.

    Our mission is to collaborate with housing agencies and developers to establish, maintain, protect, and advocate for quality affordable housing for doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other medical professionals

  • Our Vision

    Honesty, Creativity, Accountability, Excellence, Tolerance, and Proactive Response are distinct principles at BC Roy Housing Pvt Ltd, and we are devoted to following these principles every day. We also make sure that residents living in any of our properties satisfy the regulatory standards, and continuous compliance is an area in which we excel.

    Our ambition is to tailor integrated housing solutions, take calculated risks to achieve our goals, understand how to proactively respond when the time comes, and make a difference not just for our partners and the community, but the individuals that we serve.

    Our vision is to ultimately build houses for health care service providers like doctors, nurses, etc. in a way that is appropriately affordable for them while not sacrificing the quality of the real estate and houses that we build. We envision growing communities of doctors and nurses that are willing to come together and change the future generations to come, while we handle the stress of housing.