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For Investors

We invite Investors who are interested in long term investments / partnership with B C RHP Pvt Ltd to contact us and discuss their plans.

BC ROY HOUSING is highly seasoned in real estate development and housing services, and it plans to work with investors and partners in order to solve housing challenges for doctors and nurses.

We gladly encourage individuals and organizations such as utility companies, financial institutions, and other agencies to invest in our housing solutions to help manage and deliver our large-scale housing projects to the community of healthcare professionals.

With the help of our investors, we have been able to develop several affordable homes as permanent addresses for many individuals. By investing in affordable housing, you are investing in the well-being of the essential workers of this nation, their families, the economy, and their community as a whole.

Thanks to our skilled team who seeks to make the housing process more effective, inexpensive, and straightforward for all working professionals, BC Roy Housing is a trusted and regarded industry leader in housing and real estate for doctors.